About Us


Exeter Growers Co-operative rents 4 acres of organic land on the SW edge of Exeter, near Shillingford. The Co-operative strives to promote understanding, enjoyment and sustainable use of the land, especially through organic food production. All production is to Soil Association organic standards

Our field is an inspiring place – there’s a young orchard, a Devon hedge, a willow-bed, ‘the shed’, two poly tunnels and plenty of space for organically growing vegetables and soft fruit.
Members come with a range of knowledge – some with lots of growing experience, some with none at all, but all with a willingness to work and learn from each other and then enjoy the delicious produce from the vegetable beds. Leeks and lettuce, carrots and courgettes, beetroot and beans all flourish in our rich organic soil.

The co-operative welcomes new members at any time. You can join as a full member or a friend.

See the membership details  for more information.

Lavender & the new pond


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