Newsletter: Summer 2016

EGC Newsletter Spring & Summer 2016


Dates for your Diary and EGC Calendar


Willow day13th December.

 Cutting, grading, assessing different uses for willow structures such as willow shelves, plant supports etc.

WAISSAIL and Orchard Day 17th January 2015

10.30 – 1.30 Prunning and maintenance in Orchard

2.30 Waissail  – Fire and cake, shout and sing, banging on pots etc.

Willow day 14th Feb 2015 TBC


Watch this space for info on buying our 2015 Calendar. Member’s photos of the the field will be featured……..


Spring newsletter. Work on Irrigation Pond.

This Saturday (22nd March) we will be working on preparing site for the irrigation pond at the top of the field.

Dates for your Diary

April 1st   Subscriptions and Rent due. (see newsletter)
April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th,   all monthly meetings
June 21st Summer Solstice
Please look at our Spring Newsletter for the latest news and plans for our field, notably
the latest irrigation project which is currently under way.
Thanks to Margaret and Jake, and all others who have made contributions to the newsletter.

Members Meeting and Windbreak Hedge – 1st March

We are planting out Alder and willow for a windbreak hedge this Saturday 1st March, after the Full Members Meeting at 11.00.

Start at 12.00 – we expect to lay out the mypex along our prepared strip, cutting holes and with a spade plant out  our bare rooted alder.

If we have time and enough people, we are also planning on planting cuttings from our willow and from Margaret’s willow.

Full members and Friends are invited to help with the task.


8th Feb – Wassail, orchard and willow day

Despite HEAVY downpours on the 18th Jan, plenty turned out for the Orchard day up on the field.   We decided to postpone the Wassail as there was no possibility of fire lighting but some of us managed to make a start on tree guard maintenance.

The Wassail is rescheduled for 8th February (TBC – check out posts on this site) .

We hope to continue with orchard maintenance, and some willow pruning on the willow beds.




For those how are not members who would like to join us on the Wassail day please contact us to find out more details.


Winter Solstice and New Dates for your Diary


This Saturday from 1pm on the field we will be lighting the fire and bringing food and the odd drum to celebrate the season’s shift.

Please come if you can. You don’t have to bring food – just yourselves.

Many thanks to Sally and Jake for putting the latest newsletter together

Please check it out!

Newsletter Winter 13

New dates for next year are listed in the calendar section.

autumn field

Latest Dates for your Diary

02 November 11am    Monthly Meeting.
09 November 11am Review Meeting for full members.
07 December 11am Monthly Meeting followed by Orchard and Willow maintenance.
1st or 2nd week in January – a wassail to be organized as well as a review of hedge maintenance.

Potato lifting this Saturday (14th Sept)

Message from David to all members.

If the weather remains reasonably dry, Mike will be bringing the tractor and equipment this saturday to lift the potatoes. It will be the member’s job to bag up as he goes and the bags then to be lifted on to the trailer to be taken over to the Shillingford Organics cold store.

MIKE WANTS TO START AT 10am. If we have a good turn-out we could be complete in 4 hours. The crop could be up to 2 tons (Nicolas, Trixies and Pink Firs). Which means 100 bags. Let me know if you have any queries. I will give a weather update on Friday evening.

Contact David for more info…


Exeter Growers Co-operative new website!

Nearly done – feed back please.

Check out the layout of our new website. This blog page (home page) will feature monthly links to newsletters and key calendar dates for your diary with a recent photo taken on the field which will be archived for reference. Hopefully there will also be regular updates on the events and courses page for you to check times and days and contact information. If members would like to contribute recipes for veg. grown on the field, please send them in! Also we can feature monthly choice photos into slideshow.

Harvesting onions

Harvesting onions